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Footpaths (Rights of Way)

Standon Parish has in excess of 29 miles of footpaths and bridleways which enable walkers and riders to reach all of the Parish. These footpaths and bridleway are extremely important and are well used by residents and also by walking groups from other villages.

Improvements in recent years have led to these being generally well-kept and accessible.

Rights of Way comes under Hertfordshire County Council you can find more information here.

Some walks of varying length around the Parish.

  • A walk through the history of Puckeridge. (PDF, 224 Kb)

    This walk should take about half and hour. The route is completely on the level, and, apart from the narrowness of the pavement in one or two places, could easily be undertaken with a pushchair or wheelchair. Because of the narrowness of the High Street, the walk has been designed so that all the buildings are viewed from the opposite side of the street, from where they can be better appreciated.

  • An historical amble down Standon High Street (PDF, 305 Kb)

    This walk is based on an account by the late Edna Holden, an acknowledged mine of Standon local history information, and gives some insight into the history of the buildings in Standon Village High Street. It has been somewhat abbreviated, and some new information which has come to light has been added where appropriate. It is a brief survey of what can be seen today.

    Distance and time taken: Just about a mile, and as long as you like!

  • Standon Churchyard through the seasons. (PDF, 256 Kb)

    The churchyard of St. Mary's Standon has a very fine selection of our native wild flowers, as well as quite a few introductions! A consequence of the rich and varied plant life is that it also supports a large number of birds, mammals, insects and other animals. This walk will lead you around the churchyard and provide a flavour of the views to be enjoyed in every season.

  • An Aeronautical Walk from Colliers End (PDF, 399 Kb)

    This walk, though starting and finishing in the Parish, leaves it for some of the distance. It has been included in order to bring in some attractive paths in the south of the Parish, and also passes some items of aeronautical interest.

    Distance and time needed: 51⁄2 miles, approximately 23⁄4 hours

  • Over Gatesbury Way (PDF, 342 Kb)

    Gatesbury is the site of an Iron Age earthwork (marked on Ordnance Survey maps), and the area nearby was one of the most important trading settlements in southern England in the 1st century BC. The Roman town of Braughing which stretched from Wickham Hill across Ermine Street and down to Puckeridge was second only to Verulamium in St. Albans. The area was alive with activity for many centuries, so keep your eyes open as you walk.

    This walk goes outside the Parish but it gives you an excellent view of Puckeridge across open countryside. It uses several paths which are not included in the other walks.

    Distance and time needed: 31⁄2 miles, approximately 13⁄4 hours

  • Dowsett's Lane via Latchford & Plashes Wood (PDF, 316 Kb)

    Plashes Wood is one of the last pieces of ancient woodland left in Hertfordshire with many different kinds of broad leaved trees and many species of flowers and grasses . Walking along the edge you will often see deer tracks (and if you are out early you might well see deer from the road – if you are out late you may see one of the four species of bat that feed in the woods).

    Distance and time needed: 31⁄2 miles, approximately 13⁄4 hours

  • Latchford starting at Standon church. (PDF, 369 Kb)

    An ideal walk to introduce visitors to the beauty of the local countryside, varied views over fields and the river with plenty of points of interest –from the sewage works to the stud farm via the lake at Standon Lodge Farm!

    Distance and time needed: 31⁄2 miles, approximately 13⁄4 hours

  • From Standon past the Balsams & Vineyard Spring (PDF, 387 Kb)

    This walk has great views, primroses in the ditches in spring and the chance to see Buzzards and Red Kites all year round .

    Distance and time needed: 41⁄2 miles, approximately 21⁄2 hours.

  • Another ride/walk on Bridleways from Standon (PDF, 549 Kb)

    This is very pleasant ride within the parish avoiding the A10 and A120 roads. Gently undulating landscape provides varied terrain, including water crossings and, of course, wonderful views.

    Distance and time needed: 6 miles, riding apx 1 hr, walking apx 3 hrs. If continuing from point 3 on Ride 4, 9 miles - riding apx 11⁄2 hrs, walking 41⁄2 hrs.

  • A 7 mile walk/ride on Bridleways from Standon (PDF, 238 Kb)

    A really attractive country ride over open country, through woods and a ford. This ride was designed by horse riders but is equally suitable for cyclists or walkers– but please be aware of the fact that a bike is silent and could scare a horse if you come across it suddenly.

    Distance and time needed: 6.75 miles, riding approximately 1 hour, walking about 3.5 hours.

  • Friars, Balsams, Wilderness (PDF, 376 Kb)

    In Autumn and Winter you will need boots or wellies for this one – it can get muddy and in Summer watch out for the nettles. However your reward will be fabulous views, beautiful countryside and wildlife, and a sight of Canary Wharf and the Shard!

    Distance and time needed: 3.7 miles, just under 2 hours.

  • A short walk from Puckeridge (PDF, 246 Kb)

    A short easy to follow walk, ideal for a stroll after Sunday lunch! Despite having to cross the A10, this is a delightful walk. In Spring you will be delighted with the show of cowslips, primroses and bluebells.

    Distance and time needed: 3 miles, approx. 1.5 hours

  • Bromley via Standon Lodge Farm (PDF, 432 Kb)

    Easy hills, open country, stunning views, woodland and a lake make this a rewarding walk.

    Distance and time needed: 4.5 miles, approx. 2 hours.

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