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*HELP* Standon Jubilee Garden

Jubilee Garden

**HELP needed**

Hopefully many of you will have seen the wooden planters filled with flowers and shrubs on the Moors (land next to The A120 river bridge and the business park). These have been placed here as part of the Jubilee celebrations and to provide a pleasant area for parishioners to relax in.

For the last month one of our dedicated councillors has given his time freely to water these plants. But we are struggling, all councillors are volunteers but do have other commitments and are not getting any younger!

It would be great if there are parishioners who are willing to give a little time to help water/maintain and keep these plants alive.

If you can spare a few minutes for your community please contact our Clerk Belinda Irons :

Tel: 07458302863 Email:

Posted: Tue, 12 Jul 2022 20:05 by Pat Foot

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