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School Parking.

Our PCSO has been monitoring the school parking issues in Puckeridge, as it had come to her attention that there are serious concerns in relation to the safety of school children during the busy drop off and pick up times. Many vehicles were seen to be parked in an inconsiderate manner.

Please follow the Highway Code:

  • Do not stop on School Keep Clear markings.
  • Do not park or stop at the school entrance.
  • Do not park on pavements. Parking on pavements causes danger to pedestrians especially wheelchair users and pedestrians with prams and is an offence of obstruction.
  • Do not obstruct driveways. Parking across or near driveways obstructs the views of those trying to manoeuvre in and out of them.
  • Do no park on the road junctions as this make it hard for other drivers to see when pulling out.
  • Do not drive along pavements to get around congestion.
  • Do not turn around in the road during busy periods, you may not see a child behind you!

Please do….

  • Leave plenty of time for your planned journey
  • Try to leave your car at home as much as possible and walk instead.

Posted: Mon, 16 Nov 2020 14:12 by Pat Foot

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