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Results of Neighbourhood Plan Referendum

Of the 833 ballot papers issued there were 797 'yes' votes, 34 'no' votes and 2 'spoilt'.

To translate that into percentages gives a 95.7% 'yes' vote against a 4.1% 'no' vote.

There was a 24% turnout of the 3400 parishioners eligible to vote.

Everyone who toiled away over what was nearly four years, can take great credit and, at this time, lets not forget the part Neil played in this. Through all our efforts we have given local people a strong voice in future decisions made by others that affect us. It is our hope that through our document we will be able to influence the shape and character of the villages in which we live.

Well done to all and many thanks.

Posted: Fri, 26 Jul 2019 07:58 by Maureen Wren

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