A120 Little Hadham Bypass Newsletter

Towards the end of 2018 progress on the A120 Little Hadham Bypass and Flood Alleviation scheme made a number of positive steps forward. Hertfordshire County Council (HCC) is pleased to announce that John Graham Construction Ltd (GRAHAM) has been notified that they have been successful in their bid to carry out the construction works. Other advanced works are underway.

Getting the land for the scheme

Confirmation notices for the scheme's Compulsory Purchase Orders and Side Roads Order appeared in local newspapers and on the affected land in November 2018. The project team continues to work with landowners to secure land agreements voluntarily within the scheme programme.

Planning conditions

Further planning conditions have recently been approved by the local planning authority and the project team continues to work through those conditions tied to the start of construction. Conditions that relate to construction itself will be addressed by the contractor over the coming months. HCC has also been issued with the impoundment licences needed for the flood storage embankments across the River Ash and Albury valleys.

Selecting a contractor to build the scheme

GRAHAM has been notified that it has been successful in its bid and has been issued with a Letter of Intent. This allows the contractor to start preparation for the works by mobilising their team and addressing planning conditions, ready for a start of the main works on site in summer 2019. Subject to final approvals the contract with GRAHAM is expected to be signed in April 2019. HCC will be working closely with GRAHAM about their planned communications during the works, to keep the local community advised of when the works might affect local roads and footpaths, or when significant aspects of the work are to take place. Hertfordshire County Council and the Environment Agency look forward to working with GRAHAM to see the successful delivery of the Scheme.


The main construction of the scheme is expected to start in summer 2019. A number of landowners have however kindly agreed to allow some early ecology and utilities works to take place.

These early works include the planting of new hedgerows to mitigate against the loss of those hedgerow which needs to be removed from the Scheme route. (The photo to the right shows recent planting at Hadham Towers). Planting the new hedgerow now allows it time to start to establish before existing hedgerows are removed. The removal of a number of trees and hedgerows in the coming months is necessary to avoid birds and bats roosting before the main works start, as this has the potential to delay progress.

Utility diversion works started in late January. This will involve the undergrounding of an overhead UKPN (electricity) service in the vicinity of the River Ash. A number of utility services in the vicinity of the proposed Hadham Park roundabout are expected to be diverted in the coming months.

More information can be found on the project's website: www.hertfordshire.gov.uk/a120bypass

As the A120 Little Hadham Bypass and Flood Alleviation scheme moves towards its construction phase, updates on the project will be prepared by the site team in collaboration with the contractor, GRAHAM. Going forward, updates will be circulated from the project mailbox

Posted: Mon, 11 Mar 2019 21:17 by Pat Foot

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