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Standon and Puckeridge First Responders

Standon and Puckeridge First Responders

Standon and Puckeridge First Responders is a voluntary first response service that is made up of local residents of Standon and Puckeridge and their sole purpose is to quickly get to an individual in need before the ambulance service arrives. First Responders was founded on the 1st of December 2014 to provide an essential, fast response to people with medical emergencies in Standon and Puckeridge and the surrounding area. The voluntary team of local first responders are ready to respond before the East Herts Ambulance Service arrives in the crucial 8 minutes.

A Community First Responder carries an AED (Automated External Defibrillator) and a first response bag containing an Oxygen cylinder and other first aid equipment to enable them to respond to a variety of medical emergencies.

The Automated External Defibrillator is a semi-automatic device that "shocks" a heart that has stopped beating correctly, typically when someone's heart stops working properly it will go into what is known as Ventricular Fibrillation (VF), which means it is beating too fast and out of synch and is therefore not pumping blood around the body efficiently. The AED detects this behaviour and allows the CFR to deliver a shock that "resets" the heart which hopefully allows it to start beating in rhythm again. The units are fool proof and will not allow a shock to be delivered unless the unit detects that the heart is in VF. They are also issued with a Hi-Vis jacket as part of their uniform. It is important to note that CFRs are not trained in emergency blue-light driving, and will travel to the scene in their own unmarked vehicle, so do not expect lights and sirens until the ambulance itself arrives. If at all possible, get someone to stand outside and keep an eye open for the CFR and ambulance and direct them to the exact location, this is especially important at night; if you can, turn on an outside light and get someone to stand by the front door, this will speed up the process of getting assistance to the patient.

There are currently 5 defibrillators, one at KB Tyres in Puckeridge, one at the Community Centre, one at Standon Village Hall, one at Colliers End and also one at Barwick.

All boxes require a short combination lock code to access which will be given when calling 999 and quoting the unique box code and postcode to the operator which is displayed on the box. The operator will also need to know the details of the call and address so an ambulance can attend.

Call 999 and explain you need the AED from the box, you will then be asked to quote the unique box ID code and postcode, they will then tell you the code to enter, enter the code then turn the lock and you have the AED. The postcode and ID is on the front door of the box.

The AED will give voice commands when turned on and directions of pad placements will be on the AED itself and will light up. The AED will give you instructions and prompt you to shock if required. Please note, the AED will not shock patient if it detects a heartbeat

AED boxes are checked weekly, however in the event of vandalism or tampering please contact us on 07734 705422, or email at:

We ask all villagers to be our eyes and ears.

The following are the locations of the AED's in the Parish

AED - Standon Village Hall

AED - Community Centre

AED - KB Tyres

AED - 65 Furze Cottage, Barwick